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Saturday, May 15, 2004

And what are we getting ready for again?

Hey, the mother in question here. More about me later. Gotta bounce off Tim's post first.

So the big question for me has become, what is it that I'm supposed to be ready for?

(Esteemed new reader of Real Mensch: Please note this will make a lot more sense if you read "Are You Ready for the Baby?" below first.)

Parenthood? Yeah, I get on some level that my life will never be the same. See Tim on being ready for something supposedly impossible to understand in advance.

Labor and delivery? Hmmm. Took the classes. Read every conceivable book. Just ask Tim. Even had some moments along the way, as a few things went wrong in painful but not ultimately harmful ways, of severe pain -- enough pain to feel I was really getting a test of my ability to cope without drugs. (Now there's a bonus you won't get from clutching ice cubes!) Did a seven-day, 525-mile bike ride once. All right, all right, see Tim again on being ready for something impossible to understand in advance.

But then comes the catch. You see, the Menschkin is breech. Now, if you're a member of our health plan and don't feel like paying cash for your ideal labor and delivery experience, that means you either get a C-section or take your chances with doctors who aren't really properly trained for breech delivery through existing orifices. What would YOU choose? So if this seemingly-ever-likelier (as all the headstands and acupuncture we can stand don't get her to turn) scenario comes true, there's a whole new thing to get ready for -- major abdominal surgery. Yeah, there's a healthy baby on the other end of it if we're sufficiently lucky, and that rates among life's Very Good Things. But you know, childbirth classes as we experienced them are not quite the preparation I have in mind for this kind of experience. **Deleted here: rant about things people say and what I want to hear. Have any of you ever had the experience of putting words out in the world and then realizing those thoughts were never meant to be public? I'm sorry to any loved ones who felt bad about what I said -- that was not at all my intention. I love you.

So who the heck am I? Well, I'm the mother of Tim's child and I have my very own name too -- Deborah. I've done a lot of secondary science and math teaching in my life, but these days my job is gestating the Menschkin and getting ready for her arrival, along with a teensy bit of freelance editing and database work. I don't get mad at other drivers on the freeway anymore; somehow being pregnant has cured me of that need. I'm a second-generation Unitarian Universalist. Enough tidbits for now? Good. See ya.

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