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Monday, June 11, 2007

PlayFirst has a Dream...

I don't normally post here to about my company's products, but this one is special--at least if you're one of those people who enjoyed playing Myst. It's called Dream Chronicles, and it seems to be universally addictive. Better yet, they gave me a coupon code for 1/2 off the price ($10 off for those of you not familiar with PlayFirst games) that I can give out to up to 200 of my closest friends. Our last big release, Chocolatier, is also doing well, and I recommend trying it if you like the idea of trading games, and you like chocolate.

If you read this before the code expires on June 18, then drop me an email (see the bottom of this page) and I can send you a code. I personally think this is the coolest Myst-style game to hit the streets since, well, Myst itself--but that's only my opinion. Let me know whether you want the Mac or PC code--they're different.

Here are the game details:

Game synopsis

You are getting very very sleepy…..

Imagine waking up from a deep sleep to find your husband missing and your daughter and the entire town under a sleeping spell. Unsure of what to do, you begin to notice that your surroundings seem strangely surreal and otherworldly…there are clues, scattered throughout town like breadcrumbs, apparently left by your missing husband. Put the clues together and overcome the obstacles in your path and you might discover what happened to your family and friends, as well as your husband’s mysterious past. If the clues are not all found, the sleeping spell may last forever and your husband may remain missing. Then again, what if it is all just a dream?

The opinions expressed above are mine, and even though I mentioned PlayFirst, I am still writing this as an individual and not as a representative of PlayFirst, Inc.

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