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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snow in Boulder...again...

Before this year, I've never lived in an area where it snowed. I assumed that, here in Boulder, the snow would come a few times over the height of winter, and then it would be over. It would be cold, maybe, but snow would be a rare event.

Well, I guess I misjudged. In February it snowed several times. Mostly melted between times, but then it would snow again. Sometimes it would get downright warm--and then that night dump four inches. Now it's March, and I'm seeing more snow fall outside my window. Is this going to persist right into summer?

I guess I'll find out. At least the insulation in the house has been good: We don't typically end up turning on the heat until it's been cold outside for a week. Maybe I'm just running too many computers all the time...

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