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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Getting Settled in Boudler

Well, as anyone reading this has probably guessed, we arrived a while ago, and are well settled. Except for the boxes everywhere, which don't seem to unpack themselves.

I'm still working on getting my desk set up to be ideal, but that seems to be a journey rather than a destination, so I need to learn to stress about it less. My requirements for a desk are exacting enough that even if I did spend $500-$1000 on a "real" desk, I'd still end up modifying it--and if I'm going to be working on it, I may as well start with good materials. To that end, I'm meeting with someone on Friday who's going to show me some wood removed from bowling alley lanes as a possible desk surface, which sounds like it could be ideal.

Our old condo in the Bay Area sold last week, which is a weight off. I've been quite convinced for some time that the housing market was going to take a serious downturn. The Feds must agree with me, having lowered the rate by a half percent this week. I don't think that will stop the housing-crisis-in-progress, but we'll see. I thought it would crash a few years back, but serious rate reductions threw more fuel on the fire, and housing prices got even more phenomenally high, so we'll see what happens this time around.

Deborah has been canning things as a hobby, and luckily we have a garage for storing the fruits--and vegetables--of her labors. And I've started a new sport: Ultimate Frisbee. It's a lot of fun, but it's the kind of fun that leaves you sore for days...just long enough to last until the next time you play.

Otherwise we're still unpacking boxes, still flying out to San Francisco once a month for work, and still working on my community-building project. Life goes on.