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Monday, September 27, 2004

I can talk about my job now!

A few weeks ago I joined a startup that had been funded, but its official goals hadn't been broadcast to the world yet. Well, the time for secrecy is over!

The San Jose Mercury News ran this today:


...and according to Google News it was syndicated in at least 13 other papers. (This one doesn't require a subscription.)

And Gamespot is running this story and interview with our CEO:


After reading the latter, I was reminded why I decided to join Playfirst to begin with--the excitement and enthusiasm generated by the top tier of this group will carry it quite a ways. $5 million in funding will keep the burden light. And it feels to me like a real market that's just opening up, so the destination is attractive, especially with stock options in the company.

Finally, the Playfirst web site is up, and it looks great!

In any event, that's where I'll be working for the forseeable future. I'm a lead programmer ("Senior Software Engineer") on an internal title right now. It's been fun so far!

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